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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

jinglebellrok wrote:
After NEM (which one assumes some non-Trekkers did see), there weren't going to be DS9/VOY/ENT movies. So the only viable commercial option left to Paramount was a TOS reset (I prefer that to reboot) for all the reasons others have mentioned.
I dunno. I actually think the TOS remake/reboot/whatever angle was kinda counter-productive. They don't want the general public to associate it with continuity or feel alienated so they use old characters, bring back Spock Prime and have the film hinge on a convoluted prime universe/alt universe cross-over that would mean NOTHING to the general audience? I think setting it 100 years after TNG and having Will Smith or whoever as the new captain could have been a big enough success. It'd still have to be an action movie though I admit.

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DalekJim loved Abrams's first Star Trek movie when he saw it. He's posted that.
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