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Re: Unique strengths of each series ?

One thing I'll say in Voyager's favor (I could say a lot in it's favor if I really wanted to, but in this case I'll limit it to just one thing ) is that the actual premise of the series is arguably the best in Trek. A lone Federation starship staffed by two thirds Starfleet officers and one third hostile terrorists, forced to work together to get home from an uncharted area of space, surrounded by an unknown and unfriendly universe. In theory, that's a perfect setup for clearing the decks: no Romulans, no Klingons, no Ferengi, no leaning on familiar Trek storylines and tropes...

... in theory. Of course, Voyager features a Vulcan and a (half) Klingon among it's regular cast, and one of the very first scripts sees our crew encounter a Romulan. And then they find some Ferengi later on. It was just TNG-lite most of the time.

I love Voyager a lot. But Berman and co really did drop the ball on that one.
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