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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #66: Happy Holidays to you and your Space Stat

Dukat: "Weyoun... the Dominion occupation is over. Starfleet retook the station three days ago".

Weyoun (pausing): "Ah."

Bashir: "Quark! When I bought these "exotic liquors" from you, I paid good money. And just as I was going to try one, what do I find? One of my own medical labels fixed to the bottles. This is my missing supply of laxatives!"

Quark: "No refunds!"

Sisko: "Quick, Jake. This is a shrouding technique I learnt in my earliest years of training. It renders me totally invisible to security".

Jake (to security): "Just play along".

Season three of "Watching Paint Dry: Bajor" was widely considered inferior, but Sisko stubbornly insisted it was just as good as the first two series. No-one was impressed.

"Morn? Why are you in my Kahless! Of course!"
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