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Re: Ferengi Military

Except that wouldn't work if they are dealing with power that they don't have a business connection.
In such a case, it suffices that they have business connections to other powers. As long as it is convenient for a number of big boys to have the Ferengi survive, it is inconvenient for others to hurt the Ferengi, even without any sort of an explicit mercenary arrangement. And these facts of life can be explained to the intruder of the week, too, inviting him into the game where he has nothing to lose from participating, and nothing to win from throwing the game.

Oh, on occasion, somebody might conquer the planet. But that wouldn't last, because if the Ferengi didn't exist, somebody would have to invent them. Especially now with the Minosians gone from the local market...

Perhaps the Ferengi military scaled back from one which roamed through space in early TNG to a defense force which patrols strictly within Ferengi Alliance space later on.
Or perhaps the Ferengi scaled back armed piracy in UFP turf when they lost the cover of anonymity in this particular region, and the effort was transferred to open business instead - freeing the pirate vessels to prey on new "market areas".

I wonder how much control the Ferengi Alliance has over its own ships
We never witnessed any. Sure, Starfleet did send Nog and Jake Sisko to a covert mission to negotiate an alliance with the Grand Nagus, but we never learned whether the Nagus would be capable of delivering things like combatants. It sounds more likely that the Ferengi Alliance would have been asked to deliver things they excelled in, such as intelligence. And covertly so, or else the alliance with the Alliance would have been negotiated more overtly - and it's easy to deliver intelligence covertly, but damn difficult to deliver warship sorties the same way.

Also Quark said that the Ferengi never engaged in slavery, but the Ferengi crew in "Rascals" where planning to use the Enterprise crew as slave labor, so clearly some Ferengi have no problem with slave labor.
Well, Quark in "Jem'Hadar" spoke about cruelty towards one's own species. "Rascals" thus probably wouldn't apply.

It takes a lot of power to protect trade routes
Yet nations like Japan and South Korea have none, despite being among the most dependent on sea trade. Their navies are not bluewater-capable, either out of choice or out of economic and technical necessity.

I'm sure the Ferengi have large armies of droids to protect trade routes to outlying systems and enforce their blockades.
Unlike the Federation, the Ferengi seem to understand the value of the money, though. So they wouldn't be so callous about sending yet another division of expensive combat droids down to value-decreasing engagements...

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