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Re: Facepalm worthy test footage from Warner Bros.

These clips were terrible and pretty much reminded me of every other attempt recently to take childhood characters and put them into "the real world" rather than leaving them in their fantastical/cartoon settings. I mean, is Marvin the Martian really Marvin the Martian when he's battling wits with some snarky kid in the the real world and not Bugs Bunny in a cartoon?

It just feels off. That's the problem the "Smurfs" have. I can go with the CGI and real-person Gargamel but setting it in New York City and adding in modern-day human characters? Why?! Why not keep it set in the Smurfs fantastical setting and deal with Smurfette's, rather dark, origins?

The HKF was the worst one yet. I mean we're STILL doing toilet humor in kids movies? And surely HKF realizes that in spite of what we do in toilets the water in it came from the tank and is -relatively- "clean?" And, seriously, he eats the unrinal cake and thinks it tastes good?! Ugh, cartoons, just UGH!
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