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Re: Facepalm worthy test footage from Warner Bros.

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You can't really have Marvin without Duck Dodgers IMHO.
Actually, Marvin the Martian (though he didn't have a name yet) made his first appearance in the 1948 cartoon Haredevil Hare, starring Bugs Bunny. I think an animated Marvin in a contemporary live-action universe could work, but he needs a strong character like Bugs or Daffy as a foil.
Yeah, I'm only familiar with Marvin the Martian in Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century. It's interesting that the character goes back as far as 1948. As you say, Bugs would work just as well as a foil. The main problem with Marvin the Martian as a main character might be that, apart from the eyes, he doesn't have a face. I believe his proposed antagonist was Santa Claus.

I wonder how much money WB spent on that turkey.
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