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Re: AMC's The Killing renewed for season 3

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Can we all agree that the writers took way too long to solve the main murder mystery?
By the end of season 1 a lot of the viewers were only watching to see who the killer way. Then they didn't show us that and the the ratings for season two dropped 40-50% in an episode or two.

But during the break the writers came out and said that this was all part of their plan, that the killed would be revealed way before the finale, probably the middle of the season and that a new mystery would start for the last several episode.

That didn't happen and anyone who say that I think realized that the writers were clueless and just making it up, and that didn't help matters.

One season mysteries, that way it's not dragged out, or not have an ending if the show was cancelled. But some people think slow, boring drawn out storylines are awesome.
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