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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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We just know that "somehow" Bane got explosives all over the city, in bridges and tunnels and in the stadium
Bane was working with Daggett who owned a construction company. Bane stated he used Daggett's resources before he killed him

and that "somehow" he knew where to set-up shop under Batman's armory but we're never really told why.
Wayne Enterprise was in the defense industry. That was established in "Batman Begins". The advance prototypes had to be stored somewhere and once you know something exists, it's just a matter of time to find it.

As I recall, the American people were VERY upset with what happened with Katrina.
So what?! People get upset about a lot of things but what you fail to realize is that people's attention span is pretty short. People would get angry for a week or two and then the news cycle moves on.

Also slow response to a natural disaster in a city is very different than a large region being held hostage by a nuclear weapon over a period of MONTHS.
You asked if government could be totally apathetic. I gave you a real world example.

Something like six months, as I recall. That's also six months where presumably there wasn't much going on in Gotham as far as maintaining public works infrastructure and systems. Pipes, powerlines, tunnels, trains, all stuff that needs to be maintained regularly and won't sit well for six months.
Gotham didn't appear to be functioning for 6 months, your point.

Yeah, Bane's plan in this movie just doesn't hold up well under scrutiny.
Your analysis doesn't hold up to scrutiny. You could complain that it was too simplistic but there is no logical flaws. Bane's plan was to make Gotham suffer as long as possible and then kill it.
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