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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Ever since the middle of the second season I've at least had respect for the Gamilas, particularly Dessler. By New Voyages and Final Yamato, you can actually cheer for them.

This new version has made them much more personable than they were in the original series. Back then they were just a little better than the average 70's era cartoon villians. Only once we got a reason for their attacking Earth did our perception of Gamilas change. But not enough to really feel sorry for them. Only Dessler's troubles with Gatlantis later in the second series made us care about them at all.

By the time we had a table top game to run these ships around, I was generally playing Gamilas...if only because they were the underdog in the game system that required special handling to defeat the larger and much better equipped Earth and Cometine fleets. That or swarm them with vast numbers of little destroyers.

Yamto 2199 changes that a bit. These ships are not small anymore. I intend to try to run a version of the battle we saw in this preview at the next gaming convention. Just to see it the newly redesigned ships are balanced enough against what will be the slightly redesigned Comet Empire ships.

The only thing that really worries me of late is the general lack of discussion on this show. Maybe it is because of the slow releases, or that it isn't on TV, but in general it is hard to find anyplace that has decent amounts of conversation on this English at least. Not many bloggers are reviewing it (that I can find) and few message boards have much in the way of discussion (or perhaps analysis) on this show. Maybe when it comes to TV in probably 2014 (in Japan) there will be discussion from the masses that get their anime from Chunchyroll or subgroups (even though the show is already subbed into English on the Blu-Discs...but those are expensive).

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