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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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People who go to the movies. From a marketing standpoint Kirk and Spock are a safer bet than Picard and Data, Sisko and Kira, Janeway and Seven or Archer and T'Pol.

Not really. Star Wars and Luke were unknown in 1977. Folks went in no knowlege of either one. Star Trek has been around for decades and is part of our culture. Even if people call him Dr. Spock, they have a vague idea who Spock is.
With fans maybe, but the general public might have been put off with all of them to some degree. A new crew could have been just as likely to succeed if everything else was right, in the same way that a new movie will succeed when it gets things right.
I'm talking about the general public. My mother who's never watched Star Trek ( or SF of any kind) knows who Kirk and Spock are. Both are still comedy punchlines. Picard and the rest not so much.

A new crew might work, but Kirk and Spock were safer bet. And, IIRC that's what the studio wanted.

Yeah actually they should have, but I doubt the movie folks would have gone for that
Actually I meant instead of making TNG on TV, not the TNG movies.
That's what I meant too. Remaking TOS on TV in 1987 rather than TNG.
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