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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Greg Cox wrote:
Would you believe me if I told you that I'm actually a big fan of both "Measure" and First Contact? Indeed, to my mind, "Measure of a Man" was the first really good TNG ep, just as First Contact is far and away the best of the TNG movies.
I really enjoyed First Contact before I became a Trekkie. Now I still think it's a fun action movie but there are too many insane contradictions that get in the way of me enjoying it. Now I'm left wondering why Picard is so obsessive about the Borg when he seemed pretty over his experience the last time he met them.

..and the concept of the Borg Queen is just impossible to wrap my head around. Just a way of dumbing the Borg down to make em more traditional villains.
Did you have a Road to Damascus like conversion or something? Did The Great Bird come to you in a vision and anoint you a Trekkie?

All Trek is full of "insane contradictions". If I let that get in my way there'd be very few Treks I could enjoy. Sounds like you're letting minutia and trivia get in the way.

The Borg are pretty dumb villains to begin with, adding the Queen doesn't make them any dumber. I can't think of a single Trek villain who isn't "traditional" in one way or another. Star Trek isn't exactly groundbreaking in that regard.
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