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Re: Bemoaning lost memorabilia

We don't actually own anything... just rented for a while. Hopefully you enjoyed your memorabilia while you had it in hand. Now some other folks are enjoying it... or hanging onto it in hopes of appreciation.

I've had some Star Trek memorabilia that I later sold... yet lost money when considering the depreciated US dollar. The only thing that has seriously gone up are some Master Replicas props. But I don't plan to let go of those for a very long time.

But yeah, I had some great memorabilia from other franchises that I wish I'd kept. I had *2* large Lost In Space B9 robots (like 24" tall), the ones with lights and sounds. One got bashed up in some aggressive rough housing and the other was given away to some kid unbeknownst to me (which my mother regretted doing, after she got wind of my reaction). I also had a G.I. Joe with space suit and Mercury capsule. I don't even want to begin to look at resale on those! It would probably make me sick.
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