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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!


Been waiting for those Walmart-exclusive Gungan Warriors, Naboo Pilots and Destroyer Droids with the energy shield bubbles to come down in price? Waiting for those slowly fossilizing pegs to get cleared so brand new product can soon be stocked?

Just bored silly and would get a kick out of seeing a Wally World bin piled full of action figures with 3-D glasses attached to their packages?

Head on down to your local Walmart and see if you can score the Discover the Force 3-D action figure deals:

Many of them look like the repacked Jedi that nobody wanted in other packaging when they were newer, but you never know. You might find that stunning new Aurra Sing or Mawhonic you've been looking for, and with the Vintage Collection carded repacks of those characters being online exclusives and harder to get it wouldn't hurt to take a look at your local stores' selections if you've been wanting them.
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