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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Well, to be fair, movie trailers are always going to play up the action and eye candy instead of the more quiet, contemplative scenes. There has never been an earnest discussion of the Prime Directive in a STAR TREK movie trailer and there never will never be.

Go back at look at the original trailer for THE WRATH OF KHAN. It's all spaceship battles and special effects. "At the end of the universe likes the beginning of . . . vengeance!"

And action has always been part of Star Trek. As I've pointed out before, even "The Cage" has Pike fighting a giant furry barbarian and blasting a hole in his cage with his laser pistol. And the other Trek pilot ended with Kirk in a fist-fight with Gary Mitchell . . . .

The best Trek combines ideas and action and emotion and drama . . . and a healthy dose of fun. It's smart pop entertainment aimed at everybody, not just us hardcore cultists.
Preach it brother!!!!
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