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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I'm fairly sure Luke Skywalker had little to no marquee value when Star Wars was released but that did okay.
There's a difference between the eleventh movie in a series and the first. Kirk and Spock's marquee value was built up over decades. To many people they are synonymous with Star Trek. If this was the first Star Trek movie ever made, with no TV series proceeding it, you might have a point.
Marquee value with who? If they are synonymous with Star Trek, is that good, or just something else the marketing department had to overcome? Personally I think he has point anyway

People who go to the movies. From a marketing standpoint Kirk and Spock are a safer bet than Picard and Data, Sisko and Kira, Janeway and Seven or Archer and T'Pol.

Not really. Star Wars and Luke were unknown in 1977. Folks went in no knowlege of either one. Star Trek has been around for decades and is part of our culture. Even if people call him Dr. Spock, they have a vague idea who Spock is.

And they won't care until you show them stories and people they can or want to care about, just like any other movie or TV show etc. Even marquee value will only take you so far.
And positive reviews and buzz will take you the rest of the way.

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That would just be TNG redux. All TNG did was peal the labels off of TOS and put them on different bottles and then change the dates. Why use the knock off when you can use the originals?
So instead of doing TNG, they should have just remade TOS, back in the day? What I think is being suggested is it would be a Trek for our time, as presumably TNG was when it came out.
Yeah actually they should have, but I doubt the movie folks would have gone for that

What would make it a "Trek for our time"? Any show would reflect the time in which it is made. A rebooted TOS made in the 80/90 is not going to be a copy of the 60s version any more the ST09 was.

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Santa Kang wrote:
All TNG did was peal the labels off of TOS and put them on different bottles and then change the dates.
Strongly disagree. TOS and TNG are very, very different shows. Both excellent though.
You can still see the TOS DNA in TNG. Saying its 100 years in the future and throwing a Klingon on the bridge isn't much of a difference. It was in many ways Phase II with some name changes. And Phase II was a continuation of TOS.

The differences are mainly from the times they were produced.
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