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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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STAR TREK deserves the biggest audience possible.
I believe that the more you dumb Star Trek down for the widest audience possible then the less it actually resembles Star Trek. The general public don't really like sci-fi or fantasy all that much. They LOVE mindless action though and to appease the public, the films will focus on that instead of what I like. I don't want dune buggy chases or lens flare. I'd be satisfied with the Enterprise going to a new world and making first contact with an interesting new alien culture.

Star Trek is a huge franchise with fans that want different things so there will undoubtedly be those that can look at the Into Darkness trailer and feel satisfied. I am not one of those people though, and think it's a sad state of affairs when a Star Trek trailer resembles one for a superhero or Transformers movie.

Just my opinion, yo.
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