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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Kirk and Spock have marquee value. Captain Smith and Commander Jones, not so much.
I'm fairly sure Luke Skywalker had little to no marquee value when Star Wars was released but that did okay.
There's a difference between the eleventh movie in a series and the first. Kirk and Spock's marquee value was built up over decades. To many people they are synonymous with Star Trek. If this was the first Star Trek movie ever made, with no TV series proceeding it, you might have a point.
Marquee value with who? If they are synonymous with Star Trek, is that good, or just something else the marketing department had to overcome? Personally I think he has point anyway.

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Simply not enough people care what happens after Nemesis to make it worth the studios while. That's why those stories have been relegated to the novels.
And they won't care until you show them stories and people they can or want to care about, just like any other movie or TV show etc. Even marquee value will only take you so far.

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... I just want something set 100 years after the TNG/DS9/VOY era. It'd essentially be a reboot as the world would have to be re-introduced to fans and casuals alike.
That would probably have worked just as well, given the same treatment.

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Continuing down the path set by Nemesis is not "evolution" in any positive sense of the word.

Look, the audience voted with their wallets and their TV remotes, and declared oldTrek to be over. That's just the truth.
No-one declared anything to be over. They just didn't like the more recent versions of it. But give it the same styling as ST09, with more (well some) substance and there is no reason to believe you wouldn't be good to go. Hell people like you would probably hail it's success and criticise any suggestion of a reboot with those TOS has-beens!

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That would just be TNG redux. All TNG did was peal the labels off of TOS and put them on different bottles and then change the dates. Why use the knock off when you can use the originals?
So instead of doing TNG, they should have just remade TOS, back in the day? What I think is being suggested is it would be a Trek for our time, as presumably TNG was when it came out.
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