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Re: AMC's The Killing renewed for season 3

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Yeah, I'm sure VERONICA MARS was what AMC was aspiring to, both in plotting and quality.

I hate to be the guy to bring this up, but if you haven't seen the second season (which visually is a thing apart, seriously), why are you even hanging on in this thread?

This is still a forum right? Heaven forbid people who don't agree with you point out the holes in your "logic".

Veronica Mars is, rather sadly, 100,000 times better than The Killing, and they know how to write a joke.

This topic brings back old "fans" of the show. Season 3 will be a fresh start and I hoped that it will be better. The show had promise and never got to a place it should.

And more importantly to fans of TV shows everywhere, I find it interesting Netflix is saving this show. Why this one and not one of the other dozens that they could? I like the new idea for TVs, that there is some hope after death.
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