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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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Then why was Enterprise canceled again?
Enterprise's first two seasons stank IMO.

People were fed up with their Trek shows need three seasons to get "good". It was tolerated in TNG, but people had gotten so tried of that trend when ENT started.
Yes, that and TNG & DS9 aired in syndication which is a little more laid back with ratings than regular network TV. Voyager and ENT. were on UPN, which was at the time considered network TV and couldn't wait for a show to "get good". They needed success if UPN was going to compete with ABC, NBC, CBS and even FOX. TNG was the first original run show in syndication to break records and have a viewing audience as large as on any major network. It's one of the reasons why Paramount wanted Voyager to be similar to TNG and didn't allow the show to take risks in breaking that mold. That's why there wasn't much conflict between Starfleet & Maquis. It's also why Seven was a big focus, Seven generated interest. Seven's image sold merchandise. Garret Wang got noticed in a popular magazine. Niomi and the Borg Kids were meant to get our children to identify and watch. Anything positive to get your show noticed and bring in revenue is a good thing.
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