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Re: Was Code of Honor racist?

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Really all they had to do was change the wardrobe to something less primitive or tribal looking...
Actually the wardrobe didn't look very "tribal," and not even remotely primitive. It was more a mix of Mideast and Asian influences -- turbans, baggy pants, and loose wrapped garments -- done in shiny, metallic materials to give it a "futuristic" gloss. Granted, some of the background extras had costumes that were probably pulled off the "African" rack in Paramount's wardrobe department, but Lutan's outfit wouldn't have looked out of place on Yul Brynner in The King and I, and Hagon's outfit looked like something you'd see on a harem guard in an Arabian Nights movie. Yareena mainly wore elegant, colorful dresses that would've been just as likely to show up on any other woman Bill Theiss designed for (though a lot less skimpy than the female outfits he's famous for).
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