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Re: VOY Caption this 96; A Random Collection!!!

The dress? Oh, this is just how Mark liked me to dress up.

So, what do I tell Janeway about what happened to Kim? I can't just say he slipped and fell into my radioactive blender. An energy creature did it? Yes! That's what I'll say.

Are you sure you want to remove my violent thoughts? I'm told I'm boring when I'm not screaming at people.

DOCTOR: I think you're ready for lesson 47, initiating intimate relations.
SEVEN: Am I really to practice this lesson on you, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Who better?

The ship is taking heavy fire! Quick, everyone whose contract is ending get in front of the exploding consoles!

PARIS: Did the Doctor really write this vicodin prescription?
PARIS: Then why don't you activate him and have him administer it?
JANEWAY: No need to wake him. Now inject me, that's an order.

TUVOK: You can come with me in the hunt for Species 8472 Seven, but only if you promise not to betray us again.
SEVEN: I promise I will betray you again.
TUVOK: I heard 'I promise'. Let's go.
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