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Re: What is "The Fall"?

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I'm not sure the novels are allowed to touch anything from the movie. Squeezing 5 novels into a 60-day period may be the start of an epic push to draw out these last 3 in-universe years until JJ Abrams and co. leave the franchise
But if that were what the editors wanted, why these huge jumps forward in time from the post-Destiny stuff in '81 to the initial Typhon Pact miniseries set mostly in '82 to the more recent TP stuff in '83 to Cold Equations in '84? Over the last three years, the 24th-century novels have advanced in roughly real time. By comparison, filling in 2376, just the first year after DS9, took four years if you count from Avatar, five if you count from Gemworld.

If the editors' goal were what you say, then, it would have to be a pretty sudden change of policy. So maybe it's simply that The Fall takes 60 days because that's what worked best for this particular story.
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