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Re: Your Christmas Wish List

Gryff Gryngle wrote: View Post
I have to ask, though. I thought the correct pronunciation was "bull-GAR-ee" as in Bulgaria. It turned out to be "BULL-guh-ree." What say you?
Tora Noel wrote: View Post
^ I assumed it was bull-GAR-ee, too.
Gryff Gryngle wrote: View Post
Same here. I like the emphasis on the second syllable. We should ask Iguana Tonante or other Italian-speaking folks. BULL-guh-ree sounds too much like "buggery."
Kinda late, but I'm going to answer anyway. It is indeed pronounced "BULL-gah-ree" (I think a "gah" represents the second syllabe better than "guh"). You mentioned Bulgaria (and in fact "Bulgari" in Italian means "Bulgarians"), but the pronounciation is different. Beside, in Italian Bulgaria is pronounced "bull-gah-REE-ah", with the accent on the third syllabe. Don't ask me why.
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