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Re: VOY Caption this 96; A Random Collection!!!

Janeway: I love role playing...

Neelix: Behold! My glowing green power cell!

B'Elanna: You so much as look at one intimate thought of myself and Tom during this mind meld, and you'll find my fist to your jaw faster than you can say 'pon farr'!!!

Doctor: This Seven is to be your new look!
Seven: You can't be serious!

Why Harry Kim was so hated as the operations officer; his tendency to blow up plasma relays...

Tom: You know captain, if it weren't for this rank thing and protocol I would so lay you down on that bed and make out!

Tuvok: Logic dictates we activate our boot's magnetic locks when we enter the zero-G area.
Seven: Magnetic locks? On a non-metallic carpeted surface?

Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

Caption contest: DS9
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