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VOY Caption this 96; A Random Collection!!!

The weekend starts (somewhat lately) here with the latest caption contest!!!

Apologies for the one day delay but I was busy story writing (DS9 fan fic writing ) trying to complete this story for an Ad Astra writing challenge.


Janeway the alcoholic...

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

Janeway: Okay, you can have some, if you promise not to tell the crew I got my replicator to make alcohol instead of synthehol.
Harry can't date anything feminine...

Star Grinch wrote: View Post

Harry, there are times I wonder if you have a pulse. She's willing and is programmed to have sex with anything male... or female.
Harry: I would never fall for a hologram.
The practicality of messhall tables...

Hanukkah Jitty wrote: View Post

Paris: "You're an engineer, so tell me: why do these tables all have a ditch in the middle?"

Torres: "To drain out the vomit after the lunch special."
Things not to say...

Santa Kang wrote: View Post

EMH: I hear Mr. Paris is banging some chick in Engineering.

TUVOK: Indeed, the rumors are she is a "screamer".

JANEWAY: So, what have you heard, B'Leanna? B'Leanna? B'Leanna?
I do indeed like dark humour...

Rudolph the Red Nosed Vulcan wrote: View Post

Tuvok: "The Jimmy Saville investigation team want to have a word."
Neelix: "Ocampan... pan..."

And now the special award:

Loved this one!

Finngle Bells wrote: View Post

Janeway: Is the door locked?

Chakotay: Yes, Captain

*Starts licking the coffee off the replicator*



After promptly changing this caption's theme and with nothing really planned, I went back to my image bank and picked these seven images
(two extra images because of my recent bout of tardiness...) destined for captioning...

Next caption contest is on the 4th of January, new year (four days after dropping off the cliff...).

Have fun!
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