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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I always find it so amusing for people to complain about the new look and the new ship and omg it isn't star trek.
The only pure Star Trek is The Cage. Everything after that made changes to the concept/characters/universe. Early TNG is different from TOS, late TNG is different from early TNG, DS9 is different from TOS/TNG, Voyager is different from DS9 and Enterprise is different from what came before. Then you add the movies to the mix and "what is Star Trek?" is always a moving target.

Star Trek 2009 is average for me, there is better Trek and there is worse. But I don't doubt that it's Trek.
I don't say "It isn't Trek", I say "Where is the Trek?" a movie every 2-3 years? I'll watch the movies. They're fine for what they are. But there's no Trek.

That is not a disparagement on the movies at all, but where do they go? Bond movies are about Bond..and M a little. This is an entire cast and any emotional dynamic is built on our memories of other people, whereas they devoted the first entire two Bond movies making us care about Bond and M.

What we need it a TV series.
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