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Re: What is your favorite series and why?

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No need to interrogate the man on his personal likes and dislikes. You'll find the arguments rather circular given they're based on respective opinions.
I'll answer his questions as best as I can.

Practically every episode has a love interest for Captain Kirk. Usually it's the random alien women he meets.

Then there's other characterizations that are basically caricatures, like Chekov, and Scotty.

It seems also that every episode had to have a hand to hand fist fight with Kirk and a baddie, with that famous fight music behind them trumpeting along.

And a lot of the episode were just pure 60's cornball, like finding a planet full of mobsters, or a planet exactly like Earth but with children.

None of this is meant to put down the show BTW. I like it, and will enjoy the good stuff in it, even if "formulaic" stuff gets grating.

I won't, however, specifically put in an episode of TOS on my TV to watch. I will do this with my favorite TNG episodes though.
Welcome to the 1960s.

Kirk was the romantic lead, of course he will meet and fall in love with women. Though, just glancing through Season One there are very few episodes where Kirk actually falls in love. Most of the time he was using his charms to attain a goal. Other times there's no "love interest" at all. I'd say COTEOF was the first time he fell in love. And that was with a human. Kirk's reputation as a lothario bagging alien women is exaggerated.

Didn't people on the other shows meet guest stars and fall love too? I recall Picard, Riker, Crusher and LaForge having one off romances.

At least Chekov and Scotty had that to play with. Think about the non entities like LaForge, Kim or Mayweather. I think Scotty was more than a caricature. He does more than get drunk and play the pipes.

Yeah it was an action adventure show, so there were fights. They did those on the other shows too. Did they use the classic fight theme for every fight? I don't recall that they did.

Your definition of "cornball" is odd. The mobsters were a result of cultural contamination. The children were actually hundreds of years old and the result of biological warfare.

The modern day shows simply shifted those type of plots to the holodeck. Where more often than not, something would go wrong.
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