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Re: What is your favorite series and why?

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No need to interrogate the man on his personal likes and dislikes. You'll find the arguments rather circular given they're based on respective opinions.
I'll answer his questions as best as I can.

Practically every episode has a love interest for Captain Kirk. Usually it's the random alien women he meets.

Then there's other characterizations that are basically caricatures, like Chekov, and Scotty.

It seems also that every episode had to have a hand to hand fist fight with Kirk and a baddie, with that famous fight music behind them trumpeting along.

And a lot of the episode were just pure 60's cornball, like finding a planet full of mobsters, or a planet exactly like Earth but with children.

None of this is meant to put down the show BTW. I like it, and will enjoy the good stuff in it, even if "formulaic" stuff gets grating.

I won't, however, specifically put in an episode of TOS on my TV to watch. I will do this with my favorite TNG episodes though.
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