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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

So this guy who started a fire to lure the firemen over, then shot them because he "likes to kill people" got his guns through a now-arrested neighbor. She KNEW he was not allowed to buy guns, so she bought them, signed the forms that they were for HER, and promptly delivered them over to this asshole.

Laws allowing the sale of such guns will not stop the wrong people from getting them. Laws disallowing the sale of such guns MAY at least make it that much harder. I think most people can understand those who wish/need to hunt or protect themselves or peacefully collect (with adequate security measures).

It's the weapons which cannot really be used for hunting or self-protection which should be controlled/regulated/banned/monitored/pick-one. I mean, who would fire 10 shots in 1 minute into a damn deer and then eat the deer? Such guns are not used for hunting and usually are less useful for protection.
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