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Re: AMC's The Killing renewed for season 3

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The Killing is pretty reviled among critics so they're definitely not bringing it back for quality/critical acclaim.
The critics are no objective arbitor of quality and no one has said that season 2 (at least) was a "critical" success.

But AMC sure as heck wouldn't give it another go unless they thought there was a fair amount of quality there -- and considering this network's track record with one hour dramas, I'd say they are at least as good judges of quality as the critics if not considerably better.
Networks don't keep shows on just because they think it's good. That simply doesn't happen. If it has CRITICAL acclaim then it might be kept on, especially if the channel is interested in that (i.e. HBO). There's nothing wrong with liking the show but to say that it's seen as high quality is simply incorrect.

Yeah, I'd like to know what reason fans of the show think it's coming back for? Maybe it's just because they are fans of the show? There is some weak logic for you.

AMC canceled the show months ago. For some reason Netflix seemed to really like the show, probably the acting, because the writing is shit. So when it got canceled Netflix started talking to people.

Netflix clearly has to pay for the show, or give AMC some money, otherwise AMC wouldn't have brought the show back. You don't cancel the show, just to uncancel it a few months later without some kind of profit being made on the show.

My logic is sound. Be a fan of the show trevanian, but don't question my logic because your love of the show is blinding logic from reaching you.

What I have read about the second season, which I never saw any of, but watched all of the first season, was that it was horrible and dragged the storyline out for no reason.

They should do it like Veronica Mars did between season 1 and 2. Have the storyline end in season 1, but then have it lead into part of the mystery of season 2.
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