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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

150. It's A Wonderful Life (A+)

I had originally planned to watch this before Christmas, but I was vacationing with relatives who turned out not to have a Blu-ray player (my cousin there has never seen this, either). But as a result it ended up being my 150th film of the year, which is a nice place to be. I've reviewed this in earlier years, so not much to say about it, really, other than it's obvious why it has endured for nearly 70 years.

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Dave: Although slight, and with a premise that takes some machinations to swallow, this is a funny romantic comedy with larger, more adult aims than most of what the genre has produced in the past decade.
If there's any genre that is in desperate need of resuscitation right now, it's the romantic comedy, which has fallen far even from the 1990s.
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