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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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It's Batman. He also didn't carry the nuke out of Gotham on his back, he used his Batplane. Beating a villain with gadgets is Batman. Having the humility to recognize that he can't physically beat that guy and has to rely on technology instead wouldn't have turned it into a different film.
Yes, it would have, since Batman's whole arc in this movie is that he has to let go of his death wish in order to defeat Bane. Before that happens, he's brutally defeated, and after that, he wins the day, saves everyone and finally moves on with his life. That's what the movie's about.

"Batman defeats Bane using gadgets" is a different movie, one that I personally feel is considerably less interesting. You may have a different opinion about that, but when all is said and done it's still a different movie.
But from the beginning Chris Nolan was trying to remake Batman as realistic as possible without sacrificing too much of the fantastic edge that Batman has.

Batman Begins painstakingly did this. The Dark Knight slipped a bit. Dark Knight Rises forgot it was supposed to be realistic and just said "Fuck it, all it takes is the desire and you can get out of bed with a broken back and busted knee".

No. Fucking. Way. At least not the way it was shown in the movie.

What *I* would have liked to see, is have Bruce Wayne find a team of trustworthy doctors (perhaps with the help of Lucius?) that could have used the latest in medical technology to fix his back and his knee.

I actually thought they were going to go this route at that scene with the doctor that told him he couldn't go skiing anymore.

That's all it would have taken to make this a great movie IMO. It's too late now though.
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