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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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But you're judging a two-hour film vs. a series that had seven hundred episodes. I'm sure you could find plenty of episodes that had too much bam in there and I'm sure many people could use examples of single episodes/movies to claim the Prime timeline had too little substance.
So? What else am I supposed to judge it by? Hopes and dreams?
I don't think you judge the totality of J.J. Abrams work until we have it all in. It's no different than judging the collection of Modern Trek back in 1987 watching Encounter at Farpoint.

For me, Star Trek 2009 had a ton of missed opportunities and gaffes. But I understand, much like when they were making Encounter at Farpoint, that there would be growing pains in the process.

Did anyone think there'd be another six hundred plus episodes of Trek when they watched that episode in 1987?
I always find it so amusing for people to complain about the new look and the new ship and omg it isn't star trek.

that's exactly how I felt when I heard about the plans for tng. Worst idea ever. Turned out to be not so bad. I'd even go so far as to say that stylistically this one is about as different from the tng series spinoffs as tng was from tos.
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