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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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I can only recall that she considering leaving once, in the episode "Darkling". And she didn't!
"Coldfire" and "Darkling"
Whether she didn't or didn't actually leave is irrelevant, it's still written she had the desire to do so.

Only in Braga's mind can a species with a nine year lifespan create a civilization like that. Enough said!
Which didn't hinder the show in anyway and is a non issue to everyone but yourself.
Voyager is still being watched in reruns & still selling merchandise to this day. Sounds like Braga did a good job with the viewing audience and with his employers at Paramount. Enough said.

OK, I take it a little more detailed this time.

Not renewing the contract for one of nine actors is basically a firing, no matter what juridical words you use for it. The outcome is the same.

Yeah let's make the entire cast unemployed since the writers couldn't write for them. Or maybe it would be easier to replace the writers who obviously were incapable of doing their job.

And since the writers obviously were incapable of doing their job, why shouldn't they resign? Maybe a staff of new writers would have done a better job with all characters (if they too hadn't been ordered to be unable to write for certain characters at a certain moment).

Not only the writers need food on the table for their families. Actors need that too. Now that can be difficult if actors are fired because the writers can't do their job (or are ordered not to do their job).
Says who, a handful of fans on a message board?

If Trek fans were the only ones watching the shows, Voyager would have ended production after the first season. TNG would have NEVER been as popular or had the ground breaking ratings it did. All the die hard Trek fans globally still isn't a big enough audience to keep a show in production. There is an entire world of viewers out there who aren't represented here. There are casual viewers that watched the show as well. There is a larger majority of the audience that watched the show and didn't have any issues and have no interest in joining a fanbased message board. There is a bigger part of the audience that didn't like Kes over those that did and proved the show can run just fine without your support. J.J. Abrams proved Trek can still find a new audience and be successful without a majority of the fans support.

Too fire an entire writing staff just for the comfort of a handful of the viewing audience is irrational and unrealistic. Fans such as yourself need to wake up and realize you don't run Trek or the choices they make in production. Paramount has accounting and staff researchers that that compile data for things such as this GLOBALLY. Voyager's ratings held strong enough for it to run 7 full years which is exactly what those that created it and Paramount & their accountants hoped for. That's a successful show in the eyes of a TV studio. You don't fire a entire staff if the majority of the audience is holding strong, still tuning and and bringing in the sales you expected it too and you certainly don't based you're production on a small portion of your audience. Voyager just recently got voted #1 Trek series people wanted to see brought to Blu-Ray.(Reported on Yahoo & Facebook) Further proof that the show has a larger audience and that the majority are still willing to pay for it.
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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