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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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^It included a character from the original show, continuing the part he played in a Next Generation episode. By that alone it can't be a 100% clean reboot.
And golem Craig bond had Judy dench from Remington steel bond and yet that was considered a complete reboot

And your own magnificent Jjverse starship upscaling sizes, a 650 m kelvin before the Narada supposedly changed the time line

It's a reboot brother. I love ya and I will forever be greatful for your starship size upscaling (which is cannon in my personal fantasy land along with a number of the better novels, the animated series, Farragut and Exeter and the great fact that in my personal Trek canon, next gen and voyager never actually happened and were both a bad drunken dream of Scotty's)
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