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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Andonian tea, a favored drink with some admirals at Starfleeet Command in 2364.
B is for Balok. Commander of the First Federation Flagship Fesarius.
C is for Climbing. James T. Kirk enjoyed doing it on some mountains and sheer rockfaces.
D is for Denobulans. I bet the dating scene in highschool is interesting there.
E is for Elas. It was ruled by a Dohlman.
F is for Federation Funny Farm.
G is for Gary Seven. He had nice suits, a talking green cube and seems to have borrowed Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver and copied it at some point.
H is for Empress Hoshi Sato. I surrender and stand by for instructions.
I is for Invasion. The Klingons did it to Cardassia and the Dominion did it to Betazed.
J is for the jet fighter intercepting the Enterprise
K is for Koloth, Dahar Master and onetime warship commander who tangled with Captain James T. Kirk on several occasions.
L is for Losers. Here's to 'em.
M is for Masaka. You'd better hope she doesn't come for you.
N is for Nero. He shall be avenged. SPOOOOOOOOCK!!!
O is for Operation Retrieve. It was designed for an armed rescue of Kirk and McCoy from Klingon custody if it became necessary but was never implemented.
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