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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

198. Dave (B)
199. Soylent Green (B-)
200. How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog (B)

Dave: Although slight, and with a premise that takes some machinations to swallow, this is a funny romantic comedy with larger, more adult aims than most of what the genre has produced in the past decade. Kevin Kline's work-for-all legislation might have been plausible as presidential policy in the early 1990s, but it would be denounced by the right and cable news as Stalinism today, which is depressing.

Soylent Green: Parts of this movie are exceptional cinema -- Edward G. Robinson's final scene, the opening montage which appropriates the editing of Cuban cinema of the 60s, and the chaos of the long food lines which turn into riots. Parts of the movie are terrible cinema -- Heston's hilariously large New York apartment in a world where space is supposed to be at a premium, the clumsy staging of Heston's supposedly stealthy entrance into the Soylent factory, the awful 70s fashion raised to the limit (because this is the future!), and others I won't list. There's a great movie waiting to be found in this material, but the makers only foud an okay one in it.

How to Kill your Neighbor's Dog: At times this verges on sentimentality, but most of the emotion feels earned, and the gleeful dickishness of Kenneth Branagh (apologies for the spelling) is amusing throughout. It nails Los Angeles, too, even though I am not convinced it was made there.

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