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Re: A three film comparison/face-off...

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Although I much prefer Prometheus over Avatar that could have been a legitimate discussion in itself.

It is the same basic issue, though, in regards to which film works most effectively for you and why.
In some respects Avatar could have co-existed in the Alien universe, that is until we get a look at the blue alien Navi. The cutesy analogy they were going for was like being hit over the head repeatedly with a mallet. And while nice I wasn't all that impressed with its visual elements or the conceptual ideas since, a) they can do practically anything with cgi today, and b) all the concepts were already old-hat in SF literature easily ten to fifteen years ago when I read them.

None of the concepts were particularly new in Prometheus either, but I liked how they came off better. And I liked the more effective building of tension. Even flawed I could still be engaged by Prometheus. Avatar just made me yawn mostly.

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Prometheus:...unlike a lot of people I had no problem understanding the motivations and agendas of the characters involved and on top of that it really was visually stunning...
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