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Re: A three film comparison/face-off...

Star Trek: Still ain't seen it. Still don't intend to, because the trailers sucked huge. And I don't care what people think of me saying that.

Dark Knight Rises: Good but not great, and kinda slow compared to Begins and Dark Knight. Bane reminded me more of the Toxic Avenger than the Bane from the comics, and frankly "The comic Bane wouldn't have worked" doesn't qualify as an explanation for me, because it's always something said by some lame studio exec too afraid to actually try it and find out for sure. That's why we get things like Galactus and Parallax as giant gas clouds in movies. Anne Hathaway's portrayal as Catwoman was better than I expected.

Prometheus: My favorite of the three, because unlike a lot of people I had no problem understanding the motivations and agendas of the characters involved and on top of that it really was visually stunning. The only off thing for me was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo turning herself into The Girl With The Half-Assed Abdominal Scar.

And of course, there was Charlize Theron doing the mummy-wrapped pushups.
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