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Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

Season 3's finale "No More Drama in My Day"

Or... maybe "Can't fit anymore drama in this Day."

Interesting underlying theme.. how far would you go to save someone / save yourself?

Jane listens to Maura's concerns and decides to try and "save" Casey by talking him out of his "magical thinking" operation.

Angela tells Hope there's no shame in going to any extreme for those she loves.

Hope refuses to take Maura's brushoffs and faces humiliation to try and save the daughter she raised by asking for a kidney of the daughter she denied.

Frankie and Jane try several times to run into the collapsing building to save their brother and nephew, not to mention Jane's partner.

Jane and Maura DO sneak into a tunnel under the collapsing building for those very reasons.

They all had choices...

Maura chose to ignore Hope's request until she realized that she was willing to sacrifice herself for Frost and Tommy and TJ... so why not her blood sister?

And in the end.. even Casey has a choice, one he must make for himself. Live for him half a life or make a desperate grasp for a whole one.

I almost hope he survives and walks again. I even hope he's strong enough to walk away from Jane next year since she couldn't see/understand his pain much less support his choice.

I especially liked having greed/corporate shennanigans be the bad guy this week instead of yet another serial killer.

Now, I just need to wait for season 4 to start this summer.

Over all, despite its weak points, I'm still enjoying this show.
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