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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

^^^Robin/Blake confronts Wayne at one point about the funding for the orphanage. He also took them gasoline for an evacuation and, sure enough, tried to get the orphanage bus out first. We know the orphans and priest who (singlehandedly?) runs it are important to him. We find that it is because he was an orphan himself. Suppose they had never bothered to explain that? Blake is a male character so most movies would consider him more important to flesh out, whereas Selina Kyle is not so much a character as a wet dream, but still: Everything Robin/Blake does with the orphans is pretty much irrelevant except for his personal relationship. These scenes are a waste otherwise.

Selina Kyle's sister/girlfriend/mini-me is also on-screen and her importance lies in her undisclosed relationship to Kyle. My guess is that is what deliberately left ambiguous to allow lesbian chic/ fellow prostitute rolling the johns interpretations. Whozis' scenes dramatically are a waste otherwise.
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