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Re: Best DS9 Fan Trailer?

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The BSG one's my fav'. Short, sweet, and says all that needs to be said about the series (in a good way, that is!).
Certainly the best one technically, no doubt! Very well made and, like you said, short, sweet, and says it all.

I just didn't get why it said "protecting a home called Earth," when the characters, while protecting Earth, protect much more than that. "The Dominion won't attack Earth...Earth isn't the key to the Alpha Quadrant, the wormhole is...."

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Here's some more DS9 credits in other show styles...(Some of them aren't so awesome, but everyone clearly put in effort.)

Stargate -

Law & Order -

Babylon 5 -

DS9 (Alternate Season 6 Open) -
Thanks! Those were fun.
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