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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

HolidayHuxtable wrote: View Post
It almost feel like a relief even to us, the audience, that Dex is outed to Deb now.
Given everything Deb went through, I wish she hadn't found out.

HolidayHuxtable wrote: View Post
If Dex goes down his list of vicious gang members, violent sociopaths and scumbags that he's killed... wouldn't he be a hero in many peoples eyes?
Not after lying to everyone, letting Doakes take the fall and killing LaGuerta to protect his secret.

Elfin Mischievous Humbug wrote: View Post
Well, I'm thinking less about whether Dexter killed Rita and more about did Rita know or how did Rita know or what would have Rita thought, etc.
I wonder if Rita found out about Dexter in the end.

HolidayHuxtable wrote: View Post
Dexter being outed as a killer will take all season. And I suspect that each of the main characters will find out, one by one.
You've been good at predicting things before, so I'll save this quote and see if it comes to pass.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
But Dexter is not a sexual animal.
No kidding. He showed no interest in the babysitter. Did you see her in that bikini?

Magus on a Star Trek wrote: View Post

They look a lot alike. Coincidence, or did they cast Hannah that way on purpose?
I spent most of the time thinking that Hannah looked a lot like Lumen. I wouldn't say that Yvonne Strahovski and Julia Stiles look alike, but they sort of do in this context.

Enterprise is Great wrote: View Post
I can't believe that Dexter fell for LaGuerta's scheme. He finds out that she's onto him and the guy who ordered his mother's murder just happens to get released at the same time...DUH! C'mon Dexter! Think, man!
I thought the same thing. Going after Hector after he's released? That would look too suspicious even if it wasn't a set-up.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
For this to work, LaGeurta had to have stolen Debra's gun, and they had to leave it in Maria's hand when they left.
Yep. Deb's gun will be a problem.
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