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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

I saw all of season 7 over the course of three days and loved it for the most part. I thought the character stuff was well written even if the arc itself was a bit unfocused. And the ending… Wow! I was filled with anxiety as everything drew to a close. No real cliffhanger this year, but what a game changer for Deb.

Now for my usual rundown...

- I liked that they didn't go for yet another serial killer as the main antagonist. Not really anyway. They mixed it up for a change.

- Deb dealing with the big revelation over the course of the season was hard to watch, but gripping. The writers did a good job of taking her on a roller coaster of reactions and emotions.

- I didn't mind that Dexter found yet another woman who understood him. It doesn't get old because with all the secrets and problems in his life, he needs someone who can take the pressure off even if these relationships never last. It would be nice if he found his "Catwoman" someday, but I don't see the show taking that route.

- It looked like they were trying to find something for LaGuerta to do this season and it really paid off. Having her be the only one who knew about the blood slide was a bit too convenient though. And that leads to one of the few problems in the writing… People conveniently keeping Dexter's secret for little or no reason.

- It looked like they were also trying to give Quinn something interesting to do. It worked out and wasn't too contrived. The only thing that really stands out about him is that he's no longer on Dexter's case at all. That bit is too contrived.

- I thought that was Jim Beaver playing Hannah's dad, especially after he said "balls!", but I wasn't sure. Had to look it up to confirm.

- Adults can be real hypocrites sometimes, or should I say "real complex". That was evident when Dex and Deb were lecturing Astor about drugs. That was a nice touch and a well written bit. Nice to see Rita's kids again, by the way.

- Nice that they brought back the whole Doakes-as-the-Bay-Harbor-Butcher thing again. I actually thought he might have his name cleared. And it was nice to see Doakes himself again even if it was a flashback. He was always good comic relief. The actor's face looked a little weird though. Plastic surgery? Steroids? I can't decide which.

- When Deb heard a noise in the back of Dexter's car and he said it was Hector, I laughed out loud for a good half-minute when she just rolled her eyes and left. Business as usual for a serial killer.

- I was on the edge of my seat, wondering how they'd end the season, and the end result really delivered. It left me shaken. Deb is on a dark path now. I feel bad for her.

- Batista and maybe a few others know that Dexter wasn't at his party and that Deb left at some point too, so that could possibly come back to bite them if someone goes digging into LaGuerta's murder or Dexter's past again.

- Is David Zayas leaving the show?

Another year until I see season 8.
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