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They should take this offer, enough of this Fucking Bull shit!
It still isn't a realistic offer. It establishes a $60 million salary cap, and sixteen teams are over that number right now, with a half-dozen others butting right up against it. There would be blood in the water if this offer became the framework of a new CBA. It still doesn't give any traction on service time towards unrestricted free agency (ten years is patently ridiculous; given how long it can take to actually reach the NHL, and how bruising the sport is, it shouldn't take ten years for someone to get a payday), and having the buyouts not count against the cap but still counting against the players' share of hockey-related revenue is just another way of further cutting the players' share of the already inequitable "pie." There also isn't any movement towards meaningful revenue sharing -- if the league actually cared about struggling small-market teams, it would institute some form of revenue sharing beyond the joke that exists today.

The NHL is clearly spooked (I don't think they expected the players to vote so overwhelmingly in favor of decertification; all along they've been operating under the assumption that Fehr is leading a divided union and they finally realized that isn't the case), but this is an offer designed to elicit a counter-offer from the NHLPA that the NHL can then throw another tantrum over, then Bettman can go cry that everything is off the table (again), Daly can go back to talking about the hills they'll die on, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
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