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Re: Babylon 5 or Lexx?

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Part of the reason why I initially dismissed Babylon 5 (B5), is that I watched Crusade (a B5 spinoff) before watching any episodes of B5.

Crusade seemed like a bunch of disjointed episodes, without much of a storyline.
That's because it was, but only because of TNT network's overpowering interference. Half of the first 13 episodes were in the can already when TNT demanded massive changes. The producer made those changes under protest, and shot the next half of the episodes. Then TNT demanded they show the episodes with the changes first, and because Straczynski always has a linear plot arc in mind, any sense of order went all the hell. The big story arc wasn't going to start until late first season or season 2, so we never even got a hint at what was going to happen.

Crusade is best watched AFTER Babylon 5, and with the network screw-job kept in mind.
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