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Re: the atlantis project

They tried recruiting Picard on the project to raise a new continent on Earth which by the name would presumably be in the Atlantic Ocean. Certainly as mentioned, DS9's Earth was unchanged, but that doesn't mean much.

I would imagine the concept of putting in a new continent would have to be done with layering and possibly would take years, easily covering the 8 or so years from season 4 of TNG to the end of DS9's run.

Sure it would displace a ton of water. But I would think a society with transporters and entire weather control systems could get around that problem easy enough.

I don't recall any mention it in any of the post TNG or DS9 novels I've read(though by all accounts I haven't read them all). Memory Beta says there's a TNG short story called Solace in Bloom that mentions the Dominion spying on it during the war, so that means at the very least they're still working on it. Given the incomplete nature of wikis, it might be worth asking this in the literature thread.
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