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Re: The Pegasus/Treaty of Algeron

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The Federation offering a policy of appeasement seems completely in character. They did so with the Cardassians, we know for a fact. This more vague treaty could be another example of the same thing, especially considering it was a pre-Wolf 359 Federation too, that didn't take defense seriously at all.
What appeasement with the Cardassians? It wasn't a one-sided agreement, as the Cardassians also had to give up planets that they wanted. The entire point of the DMZ was that they were going to finally set down a clean, undisputed border after decades of disagreement over who owned what planets. It wasn't appeasement, it was saying, "This conflict is stupid, let's just fix the border, exchange a few planets so that both sides gain and lose about the same amount, and then slap on a demilitarized zone for good measure." There were plenty of Cardassians who weren't happy with the treaty either, with several DS9 episodes showing that some members of the Central Command wanted to keep the peace and others wanted to grab some more colonies.

Next you'll be saying that failure to stick to "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!" was appeasement.
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