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Re: NEWS! Film cancelled due to online complaints!

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On that note, have I ever told anyone around here my opinion of the USS Kelvin's registry? Why the hell is there a leading zero there? That pisses me off so much. Abrams so totally raped my childhood with that one.
I would like to know more. Can you please elaborate?
Well, it's like this, with the excpetion of NX-01 (which doesn't count since it weakens my argument) there has never been a starship registry that started with zero. In fact, we have had plenty three digit registries, like the USS Grissom, NCC-638.

So, by all logical canonical precedents, the Kelvin's registry should have been NCC-514. But instead Abrams and his ass-clowns blatantly violated continuity by making it NCC-0514 openly showing their contempt for Star Trek and its fans. Imagine if someone took a photo album of your most cherished childhood memories, pissed all over it and then jerked off all over the medication you need to take. That would be polite compared to the felony Abrams and his posse have committed.
Thank you, good post.


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