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Re: NEWS! Film cancelled due to online complaints!

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I'm sure it will be very successful and I will most likely go see it, but I won't be queuing for tickets or anything like that. I'll step out of the real Trekverse and enjoy a bit of make believe in an alternate universe.

But I stand by my 'meh' until I actually see it, and I wasn't overly impressed by the trailer.
For me, whether it's 'meh' or not really doesn't matter.

I think certain parts of Star Trek 2009 are absolutely dreadful, I feel about the same way about them now as I did when the film released. But whether you love it, hate it or are somewhere in between (as I am)... it provides a reason for all of us to come here and discuss Trek.

Honestly, after the cancellation of Enterprise, I figured places like this would be ghost towns after a few years of no new on-screen product. You can only watch/discuss the reruns so many times before you simply get bored and move on to other things.

Abrams Trek provided a shot in the arm to the franchise.
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